Ermor M20T Bluetooth

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EARMOR 5.1 Bluetooth Earbuds new rechargeable 26nrr Electronic hearing protection for shooting for shooting, hunting, gamma


Ermor M20T Bluetooth hearing ears hearing protection

It works in three modes

  1. Outdoor mode
    Maximum sound and maximum distance (applicable to outdoor use and the outdoor shooting range).
  2. Indoor mode
    Normal hearing and distance (applicable to the indoor shooting range).
  3. Mute modes
    Listening to Bluetooth audio or telephone calls (applicable to listening to music or telephone calls).
M20t earmor Bluetooth Ear Protections

When the M20T Bluetooth function is activated, the recovery of sound and the reduction of noise work synchronously. Thanks to the intelligent tracing algorithm (acoustic optimization) and the exclusive acoustic design of the actor's technology, it is able to precisely identify environmental noise and the human voice. At the same time, configure the suppression controller of the whistles to eliminate the echo and the whistles. The combination of these two elements allows to obtain a clearer call and experience experience.

In fact, when you are in a noisy shooting range or in a crowded subway market, you can calmly respond to a sudden call. It is not necessary to hurry to look for a quiet place in the surroundings. The interlocutor can only hear the voice you want to transmit.

Comfort is also very important if you wear for a long time. The weight of the single side of the headphones is only 8.3 g, a light weight that does not make the ear suffer. The ear boxes is very small and weighs only 72 g. 
It also supports resistance to IPX5 water splashes. It does not matter in case of light rain or sweat.

The battery life of the headphones can reach 8 hours when it is completely charged.

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