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Meet every challenge with our collection Combat Gear, designed to deliver superior performance, durability and functionality in any operational scenario.

State-of-the-art Tactical Equipment and Tactical Gear:

  • Tactical Clothing and Combat Clothing: Discover our wide range of tactical uniforms, pants, jackets, and accessories, made of durable, breathable materials to provide you with optimal comfort and protection.
  • Tactical Vests: Organize your gear efficiently and individually with our modular vests, equipped with a MOLLE system for attaching additional pockets and accessories.
  • Tactical Backpacks: Carry everything you need for your missions with our durable and roomy backpacks, designed to distribute weight evenly and provide you with maximum comfort even during long marches.
  • Tactical Accessories: Complete your gear with our selection of belts, holsters, gloves, goggles and other essential accessories to deal with any situation.

Explore our collection now Combat Gear and discover the tactical and combat gear that will accompany you on your most challenging missions.

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VX Buckle Up System

Create your tailored tactical setup thanks to the system Viper Tactical VX BUCKLE UP. You can easily assemble together plate carrier, chest rig, backpacks, internal and external pockets, fontine. Discover all the products of the system VX BUCKLE UP by Viper Tactical

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