The Milsim of Commando Dragoni took place between 15 and 16 June in a sunny Sicilian weekend in early summer. The African heat at times, despite having put the players to the test in some moments, did not discourage the participants who were about 250 from all over Sicily.

The game lasting about 24 hours took place in an extremely interesting game area: a huge industrial area full of buildings, ruins, bunkers and various structures.

All crossed by driveways that favored travel on foot or aboard the numerous military vehicles made available by the organization for the movement of troops and for organizational needs.

The scenography and the structure of the game were excellent and the game dynamics managed flawlessly by Commando Dragoni and in particular by their historic President Andrea Colletti who went out of his way to manage the considerable amount of participants always with a lot of intelligence and availability. .

The only small drawback is a player who for reasons still unknown has threatened another player almost coming to blows, but I think one idiot out of 250 present can be considered an acceptable figure :)

Viper Tactical Italia sponsored the event by providing a brand new VX Buckle up Plate Carrier in Titanium color, congratulations to the lucky winner!

See you next time!

Ah ... I forgot, the German faction won.
But what matters is that they have won FairPlay and the fun of the whole group!

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