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Do you want to return a product?

It happens to everyone to make mistakes. Visit our site, find that pair of amphibians or perfect tactical trousers for your activities, proceed with the purchase and when you are delivered you realize that ... you were wrong!

Or it could happen - but it never happened before - that the product you ordered does not look like what you have seen in the photo, or for any reason does not respect your expectations.

Well no problem, we at Viper Tactical We thought of these cases and studied a return policy to ensure a peaceful purchase.

If you need to return or change your order for any reason with us you can! We offer free renders or changes within 15 days from the reception of the order. You can return the product in exchange for a Good, a different product or a reimbursement directed with the original payment method.

We ask you to take note of the following exceptions to our return policy and change:

  • Discounted articles because they are final series are definitive and cannot be returned or changed.
  • The returned articles must still have the label and must be returned to the original packaging.
  • The returned articles must not present visible signs of usury or use.

To start a return or change, complete the following steps:

  1. Write an email to indicating the order number, the articles you want to make or replace.
  2. Wait our reply email to agree on the best solution for you
  3. Prepare a beautiful shipping by including the products to be returned
  4. Wait for our UPS courier on the agreed date together

Further information:

  • Reimbursement times: once the returned goods are received we will take a maximum of a couple of working days to verify that everything is in place, that is, that it has not been used, that it is integrated, in the original packaging and with all the labels in their place.
    If we do not find problems, we will proceed with the refund immediately according to the agreed methods. In the event of a replacement, we will ship the goods requested on the same day if already available in stock here in Italy. The issue of a possible shopping voucher is equally immediate.
  • In the event of a request for good replacement or exchange of goods, shipping costs are charged to us.
    If, on the other hand, the shipping costs are paid for the customer and will be automatically deducted from the total refund. In general, shipping costs amount to 6 euros for shipments in Italy, but the price can vary according to the weight and volume of the packages shipped.
  • Lost or damaged products: We have chosen to use a serious and reliable courier as UPS to limit these cases to a minimum, but if it should not receive a return shipment or not to receive one of the products you have made it or even if one or more returned products were to be Damaged, the responsibility would not fall on us but on UPS. In many years of collaboration with UPS it has never happened to lose a package or a product but there could always be a first time for which I invite you to read the page with the terms and conditions of UPS

Contact us for any doubt or question

Good purchases!


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